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3-Pack 10ft DisplayPort UltraHD 4K Black Cables with Black, Blue & White Connectors & Latches

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Connects any computer with DisplayPort to projector, monitor, or display with DisplayPort port, or vice versa. This color-coded cable is ideal for keeping track of multiple connections from multiple devices and its latching connectors secure port connection. It features corrosion resistant gold contact and shielded to maintain signal integrity. Supports high-definition resolution up to 1080p @ 60Hz or UHD 4K/60Hz (3840x2160), optional audio, and MST Daisy Chain. DisplayPort v1.2, HDCP and DPCP compliant. Includes 1pc each of Black Cables with Black, Blue & White Connectors. (Connectors: DP Male to Male; Length: 10ft; Cable Color: Black)


  • Connects device with DisplayPort
  • Latching DisplayPort connector
  • Supports 1080p or UHD (3840x2160), optional audio, and MST Daisy Chain
  • Available Lengths: 6ft & 10ft