The Benefits of USB-C Cables from Feeltek USA

Aug 06, 2019

Amazing benefits of USB-C cable you need to know

You may have noticed a prominent change in almost every latest model of mobile phones, tablets or laptops, the older Type-A cables have been removed completely. Instead of that rectangular Type-A USB ports, the devices have been replaced with the smaller oblong connectors. This is the USB-C cable era of business computing. It is because USB-C is now a part of every new device whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Even the latest MacBooks are also containing a USB-C port.

However, a USB-C cable is a standard connector which is meant to transfer both power and data to your device. It looks much similar to the micro USB cable connectors at the very first look but soon you will get to know that these are oval in shape and a bit thicker than those ones. There are multiple benefits which are associated with these USB-C cables, due to which these are becoming a standard gradually.

Most amazing benefits of USB-C cable which you must know

Do you want to know the most amazing benefits of USB C cables? Well, here are some of the best advantages which are surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard:

High transfer rate

One of the most major benefits of USB-C cables is its transfer rate. The actual number of bits which are being transferred by the USB-C depends on the various factors. However, they have a high transfer speed as compared to previous options. USB connectors with the latest ports can have a transfer rate of 10 GB/sec while with the older ports has the ability to support the data transfer rate up to 5 GB/sec.

USB-C cables are small but fast

The new ports are half in the width as compare to the older ones while the height of the connectors is one third than the previous ones. However, still, these are faster. These are using the zippy speed of the latest versions which make them capable to transfer data at the high speed.

These are reversible

Unlike the other USB cables, with USB-C cables it does not matter which side of the plug is up. These USB cables can be inserted into the device either way. This can make it more amazing option to have.

These are powerful but flexible too

When it comes to giving power to your device then USB-C cables can be the most amazing option to choose. It is because these are the connectors which are capable of delivering high power. USB-C cables can provide up to 100 watts of power to your device, and it is even enough to give power to your laptop. You can even get connected with your older devices through adapters.

Best USB-C cables which you can consider

If you want to know some of the best USB-C cables with most interesting features then you must have a look at the following cables in this regard.

USB-C to USB-C White Cable 3.93 Ft

This is one of the most amazing USB-C cables, which has the ability to support 100W power charging which will be exported to 100W. This can improve the charging speed of your device by 30%. It can be connected with multiple devices, which contains USB-C port and even iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 15”. It is based on the OEM standard which ensures its efficiency. This is a durable option which can survive 60-degree bending with ease. Even more, it can support pull-out tensions too. It is soft and highly flexible. Its durable compression offers excellent flexibility which can make it easier to carry with you. The copper core inside the cable is covered with a protection, which is made of aluminum foil and makes it possible for the cable to bear high electric power while reducing disturbance. Most interestingly, you can also use this cable when your mobile phone case is on.

USB-C to Lightning White Cable 3.93 Ft

This is an amazingly powerful USB C cable which can help you to charge your device 30 minutes for 50%. Even more, if you are going to pair this amazing USB cable with Feeltek Elec PD charger then it is only going to take one hour to get charged to 80%. This can charge all the devices which can be connected to the lightning cable. It is compatible with various iPads, iPods, and iPhone models. Even more, it can be applicable to your MacBook too. It is based on SR cushion structure which can allow you to bend it up to 360 degrees without tearing off. This is MFi certified cable which is safer to use. Its inner layer is protected with tinned copper wire. It offers 40% higher speed to transmit data. It comes with amazing strength and excellent flexibility. You can use it along with your phone case to reduce electromagnetic interface.

Air Lightning to USB-C Black Cable 3.93 Ft

This USB cable comes with 18W output power, which is quite faster. It can charge all devices which are connected with lightning cable and is applicable on almost every device. It has the ability to resist bending up to 60 degrees and can bear a high level of tension with ease. It is based on AWG international standard which ensures its safety. It comes with dual-colored nylon weave which can make it perfectly firm and solid to use for a longer period of time with ease. Rounded and small connector made of aluminum can allow you to use it with ease.


People at the present time prefer to buy the devices which contain a USB-C port. It is because of the multiple benefits which are not only allowing people to experience fast transfer rate and high speed charging in the best possible way. USB-C ports are going to be a standard very soon and will help the people to enjoy more amazingness in the best possible way. Due to which even if you do not find a need of having a USB-C port at present but you will surely get a need to buy this. So, prefer to buy one which can offer more features with ease.